KOA, a real estate concept that aims to bring a new definition to residential living in the UAE, has signed up T.Zed Architects as the design leads for its first mixed-use development ‘Canvas’ in Dubai, UAE.

Located near Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens, off the Emirates Road, ‘Canvas’ offers its residents tranquility amidst landscaped gardens and lots of green space, said a statement from KOA.

Each of the 70 apartments - including studio, one, two and three-bedroom apartments - available within Canvas has sunset and Dubai city views.

Canvas will have an unmatched range of features and facilities including the gourmet market, daycare facilities, fitness studios, swimming pool, water features, landscaped gardens, barbecue areas, a co-working space and art displays around the grounds.

Founded by Mohammed Bin Zaal, former chief executive of Al Barari, KOA has been created with the aim of leading Dubai’s real estate industry into a new era of cultural and urban enrichment that contributes to the soul of a dynamic new Dubai.

With award-winning architect Tarik Zaharna at the helm, T.Zed Architects has become renowned for its progressive and detail-orientated approach. The partnership between KOA and T.Zed architects reflects a shared vision to celebrate and advance the design language in the Middle East.

‘Canvas’ will be a showcase of the KOA principles in terms of design, finish and facilities. The project’s strength lies in developing diverse spaces to create something that is spatially unique and also socially dynamic.

The development, which includes a co-working space, a multi-purpose amphitheatre and a gourmet market, lends itself to creating human engagement and social collaborations.

Appreciating the KOA vision for reinterpreting modern living, T.Zed Architects' overall mission was to create a synergy between the places that one lives, works and socialises.

The importance of designing and delivering unique spaces that allowed for true individualisation by the end user was paramount. Within the 70-unit development, 41 different floor plans are available to cater for a diverse group of future residents.

It is offering the floor plans for these units and several options for layouts available.

The materials used in this project were inspired by the rich, lush eco-system surrounding the area. From an architectural perspective, it was important to embed nature into modern residential areas and leverage the neighbouring natural elements to create a continuous conversation throughout various spaces.

Water features, open planted courtyards and natural light are used to enhance the whole landscape and the commitment to nature is continued in natural, stone, timber applications used throughout the exteriors and interiors, it stated.

Zaranah said: "This project resonated with me on a number of levels. It gave my design team the opportunity to bring timeless architecture to produce a new model of modern living and remove the traditional boundaries defined by where one lives, works and socializes.

"KOA Canvas is a catalyst for a new type of neighbourhood in the city, where a multitude of cultures live and work together. We are very proud to be working on such an innovative and ambitious project," he added.

Bin Zaal said he was excited to announce Zaharna as the architect of Canvas.

"I have no doubt that we have the right team to match KOA’s vision and its ethos. This is an aspirational project to give people their dream homes, working spaces and communities, and also to set a new standard in the region of what urban developments should stand for, supporting the UAE and the region in its drive forward in cultural enrichment," he noted.