KOA, real estate concept that aims to bring a new definition to residential living in the UAE, has unveiled a new gourmet concept at the heart of the development.
Set to open in April 2018, the hospitality will mirror the contemporary aesthetic of the KOA Canvas development.

Developed in partnership with young emerging New Zealand and Australian chefs Jesse Blake and Kate Christou, the food and beverage concept, Lowe, is an all-day dining concept which will aim to re-energise the food scene in the UAE.

Focused on a sustainable and homegrown ideology, the dishes combine a mixture of traditional techniques and flavours to evoke nostalgia.The term Lowe, is descriptive of the warm light produced by fire which represents the main cooking techniques used within the concept. A central wood fire will be at the heart of the concept.

The partnership between Mohammad Bin Zaal, CEO and founder of KOA, and the pair began from a mutual appreciation for elevating honest, simple ingredients in a modern manner. The food proposition will be vibrant yet approachable and will encapsulate the spirit of family style dining.

Complementing Lowe, and designed to service the soon-to-launch Nasab membership club, is also The Tuck Shop by Lowe. With a food trolley style service, The Tuck Shop is a meeting place for the Nasab community with a ‘grab-and-go’ offering. Open 7 days a week, the takeaway deli will serve coffee, cold-pressed juices and smoothies alongside a menu featuring homemade muesli, homegrown vegetables, rotisserie meats and freshly-baked breads.