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Paint your Canvas with KOA

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Eager to take Dubai’s real estate industry to a new level of cultural and urban enrichment, Mohammed Bin Zaal, CEO and Founder, KOA was determined to apply his extensiveexperience in large-scale real estate projects and high developments in favor of launching something different and fresh in the local market. “I felt that Dubai needed a shift. Younger generations are focused on individuality, identity, and creativity; they want to be creative, they want to be different. Many young professionals live and work in Dubai, yet, they have never purchased a property and don’t even want to because they never found anything that satisfies their tastes. This gave me an impetus to launch KOA,” he says.

With a unique real estate approach, KOA brings a new definition to residential living in the UAE. Through its missions, the ­­­Dubai based property developer challenges the boundaries of reality and represents the pulse of a city where anything is possible.

Canvas is KOA’s first outstanding project catering to those who would like to own unmatched properties. Mohammed believes that investing in a property is probably the largest investment one will make in their life. “I want customers to buy something they love, something that can be their own canvas, which they can paint and decorate the way they want to.”

Located near Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens, off the Emirates Road, Canvas includes 70 apartments in total, ranging from studios to one, two and three-bedroom apartments all benefiting from sunset and Dubai city views, at AED 1,000 – 1,200 per square foot. “This is the up-and-coming area,” he explains. “Established areas like Downtown, Business Bay and Dubai Marina are saturated now. However, this neighborhood is the ideal option for anyone looking to invest in property, as it will have capital appreciation.

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So, what differentiates Canvas from other projects in the emirate? It is definitely its exceptional spacious design and simplicity. “It’s supposed to be the owner’s canvas. The material selection is quiet, the color is soft enough for them to dress it the way they like. This is why we left the concrete visible to give a modern touch,” Mohammed affirms.T.ZED Architects, led by the award-winning architect Tarik Zaharna, is the companybehind Canvas’ design. “The whole story is that we are inspired by the client’s vision to re-imagine and re-think the way people live, and socially engage with one another in the city,” says Tarik. “We are trying to have a space that is all-encompassing, where people can live, work, eat, exhibit their lifestyle and be comfortable with whoever they are and create a space where they actually belong. Thus, the social aspects are really paramount in this project. Moreover, we were asked to use natural material palette and we wanted to use natural materials as much as possible to create an indigenous architecture. So along with the natural stones, timbers and metals that we are using in the architecture, we are using indigenous plants. 80% of the vegetation that is used is indigenous to the region, and we really wanted to play on that. We created courtyards in between certain units that can be vegetated to create a sense of greenery, and we are also maximizing natural light and the views that we have, taking in the context by using natural stones, timbers and metals, and of course being honest about the architecture. So, we are exposing the concrete columns and beams because as Mr. Mohammed said this is people’s canvas. You come into a space and re-personalize it the way you feel suits you best.”


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